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Forfeits may also be used when someone breaks the rules of the game, for example, when someone reneges in Hearts (that is, doesn't play a card of the suit that was led, even though she has a card of that suit), or when someone loses an in-game contest, such as a die roll.

Here are some ideas for forfeits. You may decide to leave forfeits unspecified, and roll a six-sided die to choose one at the time of forfeit.

  1. Winner's choice: winner gains a unit or power, or loser loses a unit or power. Double forfeit: Loser gives winner a unit or power.
  2. Loser does a pre-agreed real-world favor for the winner, such as cooking winner a meal, doing the winner's chores for a day, taking winner out for dinner and a movie, or playing a game chosen by the winner.
  3. Loser pays winner a predefined amount of play money (such as FungiBills) or victory points, optionally a fixed amount of play money for each point of difference in their scores.
  4. Loser must eat some hated food (examples: Spam, eggplant, cilantro, etc.).
  5. Loser must answer a question posed by the winner or else fulfill a dare posed by the winner.
  6. Loser must take a drink.
  7. Loser must remove an article of clothing.