GameFrame has three main influences: Cosmic Encounter, Knightmare Chess, and João Pedro Neto's Mutators. You won't go far wrong if you think of GameFrame as a set of Knightmare Chess cards that can be used with almost any game, instead of just Chess. Indeed, GameFrame was initially conceived of as a free, open source deck-building collectible card game, and it may yet become one.

Frames are somewhat like João's mutators, except they can be much more elaborate. Powers are also something like mutators, except they only apply to one person. For example, João has a mutator called Pass, which lets anyone in the (Chess) game pass their move. In GameFrame, there is a power called Turn, Turn, Turn, and only players who have this power may pass at will. However, there is a frame called Simple Variant that allows all players to have the same powers throughout the game, and you could emulate the mutator with this frame.

Kris Burm’s Gipf was a major influence on the Code Duello frame. Other major influences include R. Wayne Schmittberger’s New Rules for Classic Games...