While it is handy to remember things by number, it can occasionally be handy to remember things by letter, as well. Letters suffer the same problem as numbers, in that they're too abstract to deal with directly. Because of this, we can use similar approaches to help remember things by letter.

Letter Shape System

In this system, letters will be remembered using objects that share a similar shape. The links below go to google image searches of the related objects. You may wish to substitute image where they clash with objects you use for numbers.

Letter Image
A geometric compass
B brassiere
C banana
D crescent moon
E comb
F scythe
G sickle
H chimney pot
I candle
J hockey stick
K sign post
L L-square
M fedora
N crank handle
O doughnut
P sword with hilt
Q hoop and stick
R pincers
S snake
T sledgehammer
U horseshoe
V hand fan
W badminton birdie
X diabolo
Y martini glass
Z folding ruler

Letter Sound System

Instead of using the shape of the letter, this system uses words that sound as close as possible to the name of the letter itself.

Letter Sound-alike Word
A ape
B bean
C sea
D dean
E eel
F half
G jeans
H itch
I eye
J jay (bird)
K cake
L el (elevated train)
M ham
N hen
O eau (water)
P pea
Q cue (stick)
R art
S ass (donkey)
T tea
U ewe (female sheep)
V veal
W Waterloo
X eggs
Y wine
Z zebra

For "half" (F), you would simply picture the linked item as being chopped in half. If you wanted to link television to F, you would simply create an image of a half of a television, or picture a television being chopped in half.