Most memory techniques have their basis in the process of emoting material. This is essentially refering to the "linking method" explained above. The Major system, method of loci, semcubed etc. are all using a system of visualization that convinces the lower limbic brain that the material is important and should be remembered.Understanding this mechanism better enables one to manipulate it. There is both an anatomical and evolutionary basis for this based on Paul Macleans triune model of the brain. (See ) The theory is that the three regions of the brain developed during different eras and under different stressors. These three regions are:

For linking, this understanding is important because all inputs (sight, sound, touch, etc.) are first routed through the neocortex, and then to the Limbic. The Limbic has the final say as to what will or will not be remembered. The way this understanding can be applied is as follows:

Now how does this differ from linking as explained before? The difference is the emphasis on emotion. The point of Limbic Stimulation is that any emotional state will initiate the making of a memory. If anyone is interested there is a free MP3 available called "triune" on Mayhem Radio. ( )that explains this to a much greater degree. - Cassock