This is a method to correlate three VARK learning styles with the Major system. It is useful because it incorporates kinesthetic, one of the more difficult aspects of learning to apply. A person first chooses 10 movements to be associated with the 10 sounds from the major system. They can be actual martial art movements, or Tai Chi, or made up. It doesn't really matter. I chose to associate 5 hand strikes, and 5 kick strikes. So:
1: T : Jab
2: N : Cross
3: M : Hook
4: R : Uppercut
5: L : Elbow strike

6: Sh: Front Kick
7: K : Hook Kick
8: F : Thai Kick
9: P : Knee Strike
0: S : Side Kick

As you go through your pegs, make the noise and do the movement. Visualize the actual peg represented by the sounds, and then visualize that which is on your peg. You can actually incorporate the movement into your mental system. Example: If 31 is maid, then you can be hooking and jabbing at the maid. Of course this would overuse violence AND become too mundane to form memories in the long run. I find it helps to keep you focused while reviewing pegs.

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