There is some evidence that physical exercise may directly improve brain function.

It is proposed by John Medina that this is due to two reasons:

  1. Increased oxygen flow has been shown to improve alertness.
  2. Increases neurons’ creation, survival, and resistance to damage and stress.

!! Equipment free exercise regime example

Every week day morning for 14 minutes - rest on weekends and holidays.

PhaseDurationStart timeFocusExercise
Warmup2 min 14:00Whole bodyJumping Jacks
Circuit #11 min 12:00UpperbodyPress ups
1 min 11:00Core & trunkSit ups (lower abbs)
1 min 10:00Lower-bodySquat jumps
1 min 09:00Whole bodyBurpees
Rest30 sec 08:00
Circuit #21 min 07:30UpperbodyTricep Dips
1 min 06:30Core & trunkStomach crunch (upper abbs)
1 min 05:30Lower-bodyCompass jumps
Rest30 sec 04:30
Circuit #31 min 04:00Core & trunkCombined Back extension and chest raise
1 min 03:00Lower-bodyRunning on the spot
Cooldown2 min 02:00Whole bodyJumping Jacks

See this post at SharpBrains.

this podcast from brainscience has an interview with John Ratey about his book "Spark - the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain", which contains lots of evidence of the benefits of exercise on the brain. John Ratey also has an excellent blog discussing the effect of exercise on the brain.

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