Re: [piecepack] New Piecepack Products from MG

Karol Boyle wrote:

Just got my new sets nd would like to make a product review.

3rd Edition: Same suits/icons/art as 2nd Edition, new non-yellowing finish,
packaging, CD-ROM, and Pawn Saucers.*

The new finish is a lot nicer then the old finish with a much soother
feel.  For flicking games the coins seem to slide better then the old

4 Seasons Expansion: 4 new suits, 4 new colors also in the non-yellowing
finish. Winter (White Snow Flake), Spring (Light Blue Flower), Summer
(Purple Fish), Fall (Orange Leaf).*

These are really nice looking, especially the leaf and flower.  The
white ink for the snowflake suit is a little hard to see in poor light.
The purple fish seem a little wimpy, but are otherwise okay.

Playing Cards Expansion: The first 2 color expansion for piecepack featuring
the traditional playing cards suits, icons and colors: Red Hearts and
Diamonds, Black Spades & Clubs. We throw a dot on 1/2 of the pawns and
saucers to make them unique.*

These are also very nice.  As Ron said it's nice to have 3 red and 3
black suits.  These will make for some interesting games.  I'm already
working on a rummykub like game and a card like solitaire, using these
suits. One each of the red and black pawns is marked on top with a white dot. I'm thinking about marking the other two pawns as well,
with a red dot on the black pawn and a block dot on the red one so
that the six pawns are all distinguishable.  Mesomorph may want
to consider doing that on future sets.

Pawn Saucers: This accessory is my answer to the pawn directionality issue.
We've created this accessory to be used with the pawn or as a stand alone
game marker or component - it's multi-functional!* [Single function- Demo
versions of this accessory are added to 2nd Edition while supplies last.]

These are very interesting.  They're a little wider then the coins,
slightly curved bottom with a flat spot to sit stably.  There is a
rim on top about 2 mm high with a flat bottom well that the pawn fits
in loosely.  To move a pawn with saucer, you must either pick it up by
the saucer or slide them along the surface.  There is also a directional
pip on the rim. The set that comes with the card suits also are only partially marked and I think I'll mark them like the pawns.

The two expansion sets are going to make for some interesting games.