piecepack capitalization, abbrev.?

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> > By the way, if it has to be spelled Piecepack, doesn't that mean 
> we have
> > to abreviate it 'Pp' instead of  'pp'  or 'PP'?
>    The word "piecepack" is a common noun, not a proper noun, 
> so it is only capitalized at the beginning of a sentence.  As to how 
> you would abbreviate it, I guess you could use "pp" though that is 
> also the abbreviation for the word "pages".

You could call it 'pack', in any place where you would comfortably 
abbreviate it; the reader would be assumed to have their context 

'Remove the blank tiles from your pack...'

'You will need two packs...'

'Stir the tiles from both packs together...'

Another option would be 'ppk', plural 'ppks', which are also already 
taken, but in a rather more distant context than 'pp' comes from.  :)

And I just have to quibble...  'piecepack' may be a common noun, but 
it is so in rather the same sense as Torx, Allen, and Phillips bits.