I've decided to name my piecepack.

I was driving in my car tonight and it just came to me. I decided to
give my piecepack set a name.

I've grown to like it so much that I think of it more as a colleague
than as a box of wooden doodads.

Humans like to name things special to them, like pets, boats and
castles. But what to name my set? Remembering that a rose by any other
name etc., it came to me.

As Tarzan named his boy, 'Boy', so I named by piecepack set,

So in future emails, I might get excited and start accidentally refering
to my piecepack by its name 'Piecepack'. When I do, please bear with me
and realize that I am refering to my own piecepack by its name (a proper
noun), and not a generic 'common' piecepack.

I will however be sure to depersonalize any final draft rules I submit
for publication.

Yours in jest,
dave cousins

"I've a pet dog named Eric, and a pet cat named Eric..."