pryamids done

            The piecepack pyramids are completed. I made a few changes and I am satisfied with the results. I decided the pyramids should be in a 4x6 format to better mesh with the piecepack instead of the original 4x4 format. So, I made 4 suits of pyramids in 6 stackable sizes. Then I had to decide how to number them. The game I am currently working on doesn't need a value assigned to the pyramids but a future game might. So, Should I number them starting with the smallest up to the largest or the other way around and does the numbering system have to go null, ace, 2, 3, 4, 5? I decided that instead of using the piecepack numbering system I would assign them the letters A thru F starting from the smallest. This leaves it up to the individual game inventor to decide how to number the pyramids if it is needed and you would just add it to your rules.

Example: A=Null, B=Ace, C=2, D=3, E=4 and F=5 

            You can find piecepack pyramids version 6.0 in the files section of the  piecepack egroup. Next on my to do list is The Sorcerer's Chamber. 

Tim Schutz