Re: [piecepack] Re: Tula, a new solitaire piecepack game

davidlhsl wrote:
I love solitaire card games, so I was very anxious to give this a go. I think this game is excellent! It has a wide range of results varying from blocked at the outset to crumbling apart like crumb cake. Since it's so easy and quick to set up, layouts that begin blocked aren't that frustrating -- just tear down and try again (unless you use the Mercy rule).

Another amazing thing I find about this game is that it does present the player with interesting considerations during play as to what order to remove the tiles. Winning is also difficult (at least, I've found it difficult), which makes it very rewarding. It plays quickly, is easy to learn, and is addictive enough to require many plays in one sitting.

A very rewarding game!

I agree.  I played it a dozen time, won 3 and was stimied on the first
move once.  This seems about right.  The win percentage is about the
same as Canfield and feels a little harder then FreeCell.  I also tried
other stacking rules:

	1) Different suit but number differs by one up or down with 				wrapping.

	2) ignore suit but number must be one greater with wrapping.

	3) different suit or same number.

All of which worked well with the following stats on a dozen tries:

1) won twice, stimied twice 2) won 3 times, stimied twice
3)      won 5 times, never stimied

Great, fast and addicting solitare game.

Mark Biggar