Resemblance and Design by Committee [was Re: Genesis, Cloning, Possibilities]

--- In piecepack@y..., Frank  Branham <moo@s...> wrote:
> > Fair enough.  It's an interesting accident that Hanging Gardens
> > resembles Torres.
> Which it doesn't, it resembles Torres rather less than Torres
> Burgenland/Terra Turrium (another Kramer game) or Strata 5, or Step 
> Step (Theta), or the half dozen 3D tile laying games in my

   Frank, your collection (and re-collection) never cease to amaze
me.  I doubt I've seen even a single percent of the games you own.
Truly astounding.

> If anything Hanging Gardens reminds me of Sentinel----an old
> C64/Spectrum computer game.

   Really?  I'll have to see if I can dig that up for the ol'

> Although MotoX does remind me a bit of Mississppi Queen. The actual
> mechanics are rather different.

   Hmmm.  It might be interesting to play MotoX with the Mississippi
Queen mechanic of building the track during play.

> I did have a thought for a mechanic suggested by the piecepack:
> Crazy-8/Domino-like tile laying. Where each tile must match an
> tile by suit or number.

   Heck yeah.  You pursuing that or is it open for others?

   Which reminds me of something else.  I wondered if it might be an
interesting experiment to try to design a piecepack game by
committee, similar to the way FUDGE RPG was designed.  Any ideas on

Game On,