Hi, I'm Ron Hale-Evans, author of the book Mind Performance Hacks and coauthor of Mindhacker.

This ever-in-progress blog/wiki is the successor to my ancient and crufty home page, which is out of date in many ways, and no longer represents me or my thinking accurately. Feel free to visit my old pages, which still contain plenty of good stuff (of course, take into account who's telling you that).


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In addition to this one, I maintain the following wikis:


Game Systems articles

I wrote a series of articles on game systems for The Games Journal. There are four articles in the series. I hope to expand them into a book eventually.



What people are saying about Ron Hale-Evans

"Ron Hale-Evans, escritor de profesión, diseñador de juegos por vocación y psicólogo por formación" ("writer by profession, game designer by vocation, and psychologist by training") – Planeta Diego: Linux y Software Libre

"...online wag..." – The Guardian (reference)

"...self-professedly papilionine mind..." – Lojban list

"Mr. Hale-Evans is a very pleasant 48-year-old gentleman" – an otolaryngologist

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