Comments on 2019-02-17 The Esperanto of games, Part I

joyceans ⱅ woke² asks on Twitter whether there are any propaedeutic novels suitable for teaching novel-reading skills.

Although it's not quite a novel, I would suggest Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau as a great introduction to reading literature, reading fiction, or just reading. It's structurally similar to Ulysses — which should please joyceans ⱅ woke² — but much, much shorter.

If Exercises in Style is too difficult, then I recommend 99 Ways to Tell a Story by Matt Madden as an even simpler homage to Exercises in Style, in comic book form.

By the way, I'm responding on my blog rather than Twitter because of Open Web considerations I discussed earlier.

Ron Hale-Evans. 2019-02-18 19:48 UTC.

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