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A few changes to the Overwhelming Gearwheels blog and environs:

  1. Blog posts are now separate, instead of joined together on monthly pages such as Overwhelming Gearwheels 2019-01. (That's actually the first and only page like that there is.) I respect Leonard Richardson and his blog Crummy, but I just can't make my blog work as monthly pages without writing the CMS myself, which he probably did...
  2. The Tinfoil Wiki has been renamed after the blog (Overwhelming Gearwheels). Tinfoil meant little; at least I can readily explain overwhelming and gearwheels.
  3. Look for more non-game-related content. I'm interested in many things, even politics; I don't talk about the latter because you get can more political content than you need, or can swallow without vomiting, on Facebook and a myriad of other places online.