You can use a set of images linked to months or days of the week as a PegSystem to remember appointments or other to-do items.

For mathematical tricks to find the day of the week, see CalendarFeat.

Weekly To-Do Lists

As Michael Frink suggested in the PegSystem discussion, you can use a set of seven pegs to remember what to do on each day of the week. This can be:

These are arbitrary in the sense that they aren't connected either to the names of the days or to each other.
(seven dwarfs, images derived from the doresol names for the musical scale)

An example of the last would be the following list of rooms based on the sound of the first syllable of each day-name:

(visualize a primate house at a zoo)
(visualize a room with tattoo art on the walls and a tattoo artist bent over someone in a chair)
(visualize bride and groom, either in a church or outdoors under a wedding arch, or other wedding images)
(visualize a king and queen on their thrones)
(visualize a "greasy spoon" diner or fast-food joint with a deep-fryer)
(visualize a room swathed in satin curtains, with satin pillows to sit on)
(visualize a room with a sunroof and a sundial)

To use this list, follow the RomanRoom method, either with the NookAndCrannyMethod or by visualizing people in each location and linking images to each person's body parts using the BodyList. An alternate method would be to use a list of characters instead of rooms (a Monkey, a ballerina in a Tutu, Wednesday Addams, Thurston Howell, Frylock, a Satyr, a Sun God) and use the BodyList on them directly.

Monthly Appointments, Birthdays and Anniversaries

To remember what to do beyond the current week, use the same concept, but with twelve arbitrary images, a set of twelve images already known (like those from "The Twelve Days of Christmas",) or twelve images from holidays in each month or based on the sound of the name of the month. Thus, January would be Baby New Year (a baby with a top hat,) February would be Cupid, March would be the March Hare (or possibly the Easter Bunny,) April would be the April Fool. Some month images will be different for different cultures: people in the U.S. would be prone to use Uncle Sam for July, for example. Other months don't have big holidays with strong images, so you may have to rely on days of personal importance.

Astrological Images

Anyone who already knows the signs of the Zodiac and can visualize the Greek/Roman gods associated with the seven "planets" of astrology can easily use astrological images for weekly and monthly peg lists.


The months that I have trouble with for images are May through September, with the exception of July. May could be Mother's Day, I suppose, but the only association I could think of for June was "June Bride", which would conflict with Wednesday as "Wedding". August and September don't have strong personal images for me at all. I'm thinking I may have to use an arbitrary list, but to make it easier to remember, perhaps I can key it to the four seasons. Either that, or I can use the Zodiac as I suggested.

For weekly to-do lists, it's also possible to mix the Roman gods with Norse gods, since in English Tuesday through Friday are named after Tyr (Tiw), Odin (Woden), Thor, and Frey/Freya.

-- JohnLaviolette [[DateTime?(2007-10-03T20:12:23Z)]]

How about the Roman Emperor Augustus (or anyone else august -- maybe Ted Kennedy or Ronald Reagan, depending on your political leanings) for August, and a favorite teacher for September, the month people usually return to school after summer vacation in the US?

Welcome to the wiki, by the way, John. Keep up the good work! You're doing some original stuff, and that helps everyone.

-- Ron Hale-Evans [[DateTime?(2007-10-04T06:42:21Z)]]