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Welcome to the piecepack wiki! The piecepack is to board games what a standard deck of cards is to card games. This is a place where the piecepack community can work on game rules and exchange reviews in a collaborative space. Every page on the site is editable by everyone (see below).

If you want to jump to the Good Stuff, see the Games page for rules to 222 games you can play with the piecepack.


13 September 2020

Because it's hard to playtest the games in the IronPiecepackDesignerContest during the coronavirus, the contest has been postponed. That means there's still time to enter!

If you're a piecepack designer and you'd like some ingenious ways to playtest your game despite difficult conditions, see Playing and playtesting during pandemics, and don't forget to add a link on the Iron Piecepack Designer Playtest Page, where piecepackers will playtest your game for free!

12 October 2019

Announcing the Iron Piecepack Designer Contest, the ninth in the lineage of piecepack community game design contests! This time, the contest is themed around the TV show Iron Chef. There are three challenges ("episodes"), each of which uses a different game design "ingredient". The winner of each episode moves on to the season finale to determine the Iron Piecepack Champion. As if this contest isn't enough, there's a side contest for creating the best video demonstrating a piecepack game.

Submissions are due July 15, 2020. Details: IronPiecepackDesignerContest

1 October 2019

Hey! Play piecepack games right on the Piecepack Wiki, using either Portable Piecepack Notation or the piecepack VASSAL module. Details: PlayByWiki

3 January 2019

With the addition of the games from 2018's Where No One Has Gamed Before contest, the BigBoard now lists 215 piecepack games with rulesets ready to download and play!

1 December 2018

The Italian gaming website Giochi sul nostro tavolo (Games on Our Table) is creating a Ludic Advent Calendar for 2018. They show their readers how to make their own piecepacks, and then behind each window of the online calendar, they place a free piecepack game. (In 2017, they made a similar calendar for Decktet.) Google Translate functionality is built into the website.

See LudicAdventCalendar for English summaries.

See also OldNews

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