GameDesigner / AdapterLicenseExtra Equipment
ActivatorMichael Schoessowcustom license PiecepackPyramids
AdulteryS. Deniz Bucakcustom license pawn saucers or belts
Ahoy, Matey!Steve BeardGNU FDL none
A Knight's TaleSteve BeardGNU FDL none
Alquerque (Qirkat)Traditional / Jessica EcclesCC-BY-SA gameboard from rules
AlienCityMichael Schoessowcustom license Icehouse set
ArmyBratsDonKirkby and AlanPriceCC-BY-SA none
BackgammonTraditional / TrevorLDavispublic domain none
Bagh Chal (Tiger Game)Traditional / Jessica EcclesCC-BY-SA gameboard from rules
BaseballTraditional / Jim Dohertynone deck of playing cards and playmats from rules
BerlinEricWittcustom license optional opaque bag
BidJebHavens & IanSchreiberGNU FDL paper and pencil
BingoBattleMartinWillettpublic domain none
BlackPawnTruckingPhillip LercheGNU FDL playmat from rules, cup or bag
BlackThursdayClarkRodefferGNU FDL opaque bag
BlockadeDavidBoyle, James Kyle & ChrisYoungcustom license none
BloodDiamondsClarkRodefferGNU FDL SixPack, opaque bag, play aids from rules
BrainBurnMark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
CardinalsGuardsMichael Schoessow and Stephen Schoessowcustom license paper and pencil, cup or bag
CarromsTraditional / Mark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
CastleCroquetnoleLewis Carroll / RonHaleEvansGNU FDL optional custom board
CastlesSantiagoEximenocustom license none
CellManagementMarkGoadrichGNU FDL none
ChameleonMichaelSchoessow and StephenSchoessownone pawn saucers plus 1 FourSeasonsExpansion
ChangeChangeSid Sackson, adapted by RonHaleEvansCC BY-SA 4.0none
ChaosCruisersPaulElliotcustom license paper and pencil
ChariotsMark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
Chaturaji ("Chaturanga for four players")TrevorLDavisCC-BY-SA none
CheckersTraditional / Mark A. Biggarpublic domain none
CheminMontagneuxMitchellAllencustom license none
ChessTraditional / RonHaleEvanspublic domain 8 dimes and 8 pennies
ChineseCheckersTraditional / Mark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
ChoosySushiEricWittnone paper and pencil
CityCouncilPhillip Lerche, Michael Schoessow, and Stephen SchoessowGNU FDL 50 pennies, one City Grid (combine 4 copies of the 7x7 grid at the end of the rules), one Turn Order/Action sheet (print out), 3-4 Player Aid sheets (print out 1 per player), pencil(s) and paper for scoring, and clear tape
CityPlanningBrad Johnsonnone Go board and stones, bag, paper and pencil
ClearDavid Hassellcustom license one piecepack per player, cup or bag, paper and pencil
ClimbingManJorgeArroyoGNU FDL none
CodesRoger MeertensGNU FDL an opaque bag, a pen, paper for each player and a playing screen
CoinCollectorsDonKirkbyGNU FDL none
TheColonistsOfNatickGaryPresslerGNU FDL none
ColonizationKen LeyheGNU FDL none
ConsensusFantasyChrisEngle and RonHaleEvansCC-BY-SA 1 or more piecepacks
ConspiracyBrad Johnsonnone bag, paper and pencil, optional board
CoyoteMoonRobert Mundschaucustom license cup or bag
CreamOfTheCropDonKirkby and Jay CormierCC-BY-SA none
CribbageTraditional (Sir John Suckling) / TrevorLDavis public domain pack of playing cards
CrocodileHopTim SchutzGNU FDL none
CroquetForPiecepackDanSmithnone none
CultureWarsGeorgeHarnishpublic domain standard PiecePack + 36 tokens per player
DecayRobert Mundschau and MattHeistadcustom license none
DeductionMark A. BiggarGNU FDL paper and pencil for each player, cup or bag
DelegateDashChrystalOverby & GlennOverbypublic domain none
DesfasesAntonio Recuenco Muñoz CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 none
DivorcedBeheadedDiedDivorcedBeheadedSurvivedEricWittcustom license paper and pencil, scorecard
DominoidsBrad Johnsonnone double-6 domino set
DragonsHoardKen LeyheGNU FDL Icehouse, 2 cups or bags
DualPiecepacksPokerTrevorLDavisCC-BY-SA 8 unique piecepack suits
DungeonBuildersJorgeArroyoCC-BY-NC-ND none
DungeonCrawlJames Kyle and PaulShopeCC0 none
EasySliderRonHaleEvans and Marty Hale-EvansGNU FDL one piecepack per player; bag or cup for drawing coins and pawns
EpicFunhouseRonHaleEvans and Marty Hale-EvansGNU FDL none
ElephantRunJimAdams & AmyEngenone none
EvadeAlex Randolph / Mark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
EverestMark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
FairyLightsJessica Ecclespublic domain none
TheFallacyOfRankKeithLacey, WillSchneeberger & JoshuaTempkinpublic domain 3 piecepacks
FourBlindMiceTimFarleypublic domain 1 min timer
FourFieldKonoTraditional / Michael Schoessowpublic domain none
FroggyBottomClay Blankenshipnone none
FrostBittenSteve BeardGNU FDL none
Fuji-sanJames KyleCC0 none
GalaxyExpressMatt Wordencustom license none
GlobAntonio Recuenco Muñoz CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 none
GlobalWarmingMark A. Biggar, AronWall & GloriaWallGNU FDL bag or cup for drawing coins
GlobularClusterMichaelSchoessow and StephenSchoessowGNU FDL one additional piecepack, pawn saucers, approx. 100 pennies, pencil and paper
GoldRushSethJaffee & JasonSmulevitchnone stones, poker chips, building cards
GoodsFromCapeToCairoPhillip LercheGNU FDL a printout of the playmat from the end of these rules for each player, 3 generic markers per player (for example: 12 pennies works fine for a 4 player game) (1 PlayingCardsExpansion suggested but not needed)
HangingGardensJames KyleCC0 none
HumanHarvestToddKrausenone coins
IcebergKen Leyhecustom license none
IceFloeTim SchutzGNU FDL one set of PiecepackPyramids, one candle, paper and pen
TheInCrowdJebHavens & IanSchreiberGNU FDL none
IncorporatedS. Deniz Bucaknone none
InterstellarConquestKen LeyheGNU FDL Icehouse set or PiecepackPyramids, cup or bag
It's a Weird, Weird GalaxyJimAdamsnone piecepack expansion (either seasons or cards), twelve unique counters for each player (twelve pennies, twelve nickels, etc.), scratch paper (or form found in appendix), pencil
JapanDanielAjoy and Fernanda AusayCC BY-SA two double 6 dominoes sets in different (Piecepack) colors
JokersAndCoinsPublic Domain / Craig Blumernone 3 poker decks with 6 jokers (plus a second piecepack enables 5-6 players)
JulGonuTraditional / Michael Schoessowpublic domain none
K'Dak's Tower of Confusion and Camel CarwashJimAdams & AmyEngenone none
KidSproutJumboreeRonHaleEvans and Marty Hale-EvansGNU FDL none
KingArthursCourtPhillip Lerchenone none
KingdomsoftheMiddleSeaPhillip Lerchenone box of matches, 50 tokens
King's CottageJonathanDietrichGNU FDL pen & paper, cup or bag, score sheet
KingsProgressPhillip Lerchenone paper and pencil
KnightsTourReduxKen LeyheGNU FDL none
LabRatsMark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
LandlockedEricWittcustom license none
LandrushKen LeyheGNU FDL Icehouse set, cup or bag
LeyLinesJames KyleCC0 double-6 domino set, paper and pencil
LiquidCrystalsTim SchutzCC-BY-SAPiecepackMatchsticks
MagicMidsKen LeyheGNU FDL Icehouse set
MagistratvmBrad Johnson and Phillip LercheGNU FDL Play mat, money, 20 tokens in the four suit colors
MancalaTraditional / MesomorphGamesnone 2 standard piecepacks
ManipulationAdam B. Norbergcustom license paper and pencil
Martian MinersRoger MeertensGNU FDL 1 icehouse stash (of different colour) per player, 4 six-sided dice per player and an opaque bag
MartianTreasureHuntKen LeyheGNU FDL Icehouse set
MatchesJames KyleCC0 none
MathrixClarkRodefferGNU FDL none
MatrixJeff Barrettcustom license several tokens
MazegardenFerdinand Hein, adapted by Roger Meertensnone two sets
MazeMakersJorge ArroyoGNU FDL pentominoes set
Men OverboardPaul HastingsCC-BY-NC-SA two standard Piecepack sets, or a SixPack (smaller board)
MisMemoryAntonio Recuenco Muñoz CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 none
MotoXJames Kyle and PaulShopeCC0 none
MultzoGlennOverbynone none
New CityRob LeGoodcustom license coins/counters
NineBallTraditional / Mark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
OneManThragJim Dohertynone none
PackKubunknown / Mark A. BiggarGNU FDL one standard piecepack per player or a SixPack for 2 players
PackSolitaireDavid Hassellcustom license 2 standard piecepacks, cup or bag
PalazzoPhillip LercheGNU FDL paper and pencil, optional bag or cup
PaloLargoAntonio Recuenco Muñoz CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 PiecepackMatchsticks
PassTheFoodTrevorLDavisCC BY-SA 4.0 none
PawnsCrossingMichael Schoessowpublic domain set of double-six dominoes
PenguinGameJonathanDietrichpublic domain cup or bag
PettyFiefsClarkRodefferGNU FDL two piecepack suits per player, one additional piecepack suit
PharaohsHeirPhillip LercheGNU FDL two piecepacks (one if only 2 are playing) and two types of tokens
PieceChisiTraditional / PaulGilmorepublic domain 16 pawns (4 each x 4 colors)
PieceGapsTraditional / ChrisBrooksGNU FDL none
PiecepackAtWaterlooSethOwennone four small coins
PiecepackConquersTheWorldGeorgeHarnishnone one additional piecepack, colored stones or tokens for each player
PiecepackCookingJorgeArroyoGNU FDL none
Piecepack Dodg'emTraditional / Michael Schoessowpublic domain none
PiecepackFanTanSteve BeardGNU FDL paper and pencil, cup
PiecepackHyenaSteve BeardGNU FDL none
PiecePackingPiratesClarkRodefferGNU FDL opaque bag, play mat and optional reference sheet
PiecepackKlondikeTraditional / EricWittnone none
PiecepackLetterboxRonHaleEvansGNU FDL FourSeasonsExpansion, index cards or slips of paper, pens or pencils
PiecepackmanDan BurkeyCC BY-SA PiecepackMatchsticks
PiecepackSeabattleChristophHaeberlingnone none
PiecepackYahtzeeAdapted by Roger MeertensGNU FDL two piecepacks, a pen and scoresheet (included)
Pirates of Van Zandt, TheAndyVanZandtcustom license none
PisiCorné van Moorsel, adapted by Roger MeertensGNU FDL a second, different, piecepack set and some counters
PlansOfActionEdward Pulleycustom license none
PowerLinesDavidBoylenone none
PpolfGeorge Sappenfield / Mark A. BiggarGNU FDL score sheet from back of rules and optional objects for use as obstacles
ProximityJohn Wetmillercustom license paper and pencil, chess clock
Pub sCrawlJonathanDietrichnone paper and pencil
QuatriTraditional / Michael Schoessowpublic domain none
RacepackMichael Schoessow and Stephen Schoessownone 1 piecepack per 4 players
RelativityRonHaleEvans and Marty Hale-EvansCC-BY-SA none
Remembory aka Piecepack MemoryTraditional /Roger MeertensGNU FDL optional opaque bag
ReflecAdam B. Norbergpublic domain none
ReversiTraditional / MesomorphGamesnone 2 or 3 piecepacks
RoyalRacersRobertKoubacustom license deck of cards
TheRoyalFeastAndTheCourtJesterSeanAnthonyBradynone 4-6 additional piecepack tiles
SailboatRegattaClarkRodefferGNU FDL none
Sailing Port FlowerRoger MeertensGNU FDL FourSeasonsExpansion
SanAndreasJames KyleCC0 none
SarcophagusPhillip LercheGNU FDL none
Scavenge leKen LeyheGNU FDL Piecepack Expanded, Icehouse
ScavengerHuntMark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
ScavengerHuntTwoBradLackeyGNU FDL eight distinct piecepack suits
SenatTraditional / CraigBlumernone none
Senat-UrKen LeyheGNU FDL Piecepack Expanded
ShamanIslandRandyCox & JasonTrottencustom license none
SharkTankRichard DurhamCC-BY-SAnone
SheepPeteJonesCC-BY-NC-SA PlayingCardsExpansion
Ship ItStephen Schoessow & Michael Schoessowcustom license double-6 dominoes
ShogiTraditional / TrevorLDavispublic domain two piecepacks
ShoppingMallMichaelSchoessow and StephenSchoessowGNU FDL pawn saucers, 3 nickels, 25 pennies, paper & pencil for each player
Shove piecepackSteve BeardGNU FDL none
SiegeByNumberMatt Wordencustom license none
SilverIsleJames KyleCC0 24 stackable tokens
SkyscrapersMichael Schoessowcustom license cup or bag
SlidesOfActionClarkRodefferGNU FDL none
SnowmanMeltdownRonHaleEvans and Marty Hale-EvansGNU FDL Icehouse set or PiecepackPyramids
SoccerTraditional / James KyleCC0 none
SoloSalvoTraditional / EricWittcustom license 1 coin suitable for flipping
Sonic Bio-Mutants in SpaceJonathanDietrichCC-BY-NC-SA bag, paper and pencil
SorcerersChamberTim SchutzGNU FDL PiecepackPyramids
Spam-O-RamaClarkRodefferGNU FDL 12 different piecepack suits, play aids from rules
SpeedyTowersJessica EcclesPublic Domain at least 1 standard piecepack for every 2 players
StackedDeckWarEricWittnone PlayingCardsExpansion
StageFiveChazCamposPublic domain none
Steppin' StonesKen Mahernone none
TabletopBocceTraditional / Mark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
TabletopCroquetTraditional / Mark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
TablutTraditional / TrevorLDavis public domain none
TAG: The Assassination GameKen Leyhenone Piecepack Expanded
Take Off, EhClarkRodefferCC-BY-NC-SA FourSeasonsExpansion
TakeoverJames Kyle and ChrisYoungCC0 none
TapasAntonio Recuenco Muñoz CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 none
TariffsJonathanDietrichGNU FDL double-6 domino set
TaxicabMark A. BiggarGNU FDL bag or cup, 150 tokens and optional printable board from back of rules
TelicMichael Schoessownone piecepack pyramids
TempleOfGoldJorgeArroyoCC-BY-NC-SA 4 seasons set and 10-20 coins, beads, or other markers (or pen and paper)
TenBlankWhitePieceagoriesJenniferLevenbookCC-BY-NC-SA lots of paper, one pen per player, timer
The Magic BagRob LeGoodcustom license cup or bag, reference sheet
TMAG: The Martian Assassination GameKen LeyheGNU FDL 1 Icehouse stash per player
TheWanderingMerchantJorgeArroyoCC-BY-NC-SA 1 piecepack, a FourSeasonsExpansion, pen and paper, a cup and glass beads
TileThirteenRonHaleEvansGNU FDL one piecepack per player, one extra piecepack, and pen and paper to keep score
TingleChris GoodwinCC-BY-SA one set of piecepack pyramids or other tokens per player
TP5: ThePiecePackPokerPartyParadeEricWittnone two standard piecepacks, 1d6, paper and pencil
ToPiecesChrisSakkasCC-BY-SA printable objective cards, four colours of tokens (blue, yellow, red, black)
Tornado vs. Trailer ParkSteve BeardGNU FDL none
TowerOfBabelTraditional / Mark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
TradeRoutesAndy Van ZandtCC-BYnone
Triactor: A Day at the Piecepack DownsJonathanDietrichCC-BY-NC-SA Paper and Pencil, optional playmat, optional tokens, optional timer
TribesOfTheFourSeasonsPhillip LercheGNU FDL FourSeasonsExpansion
TulaJames KyleCC0 none
TulaVariantsTim Schutzpublic domain Tula rules
VeniceSoren Busch-Knudsen & JesperSommerGNU FDL 2 piecepacks
VirusFightJorgeArroyoCC-BY-NC-ND none
VolcanoIslandSimonGrahamCC-BY-NC-SA four Icehouse Stacks
WarTraditional / MesomorphGamesnone none
WelcomeToGemSeanAnthonyBradynone 60 glass beads, pennies, poker chips or other markers; 4 Printed Player boards (included)
which coinTim Schutz CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 none
Whirlpool Pond: Tube WarsTim SchutzGNU FDL none
WindFarmsPhillip Lerchenone none
WormDerbyMark A. BiggarGNU FDL none
WormholesRonHaleEvans and Marty Hale-EvansCC-BY-SA none
Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)Traditional / TrevorLDavis CC-BY-SA none
ZeppelinopolisDan Burkey CC-BY-SA PiecepackMatchsticks
ZombieInMyPiecepackD Beau and JeremiahLeepublic domain none

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