Cardinal's Guards

Players 1
Length 20 minutes
Equipment Required single standard piecepack, cup or bag, paper and pencil
Designer Michael Schoessow and Stephen Schoessow
Version 1.1
Version Date2003-12-07
License custom license: Cardinal’s Guards, Copyright © September 2003 by Michael and Stephen Schoessow. These instructions may be copied and distributed as long as the authors are credited, or this header is left in place.


Can you help the four Musketeers escape from the castle of the Cardinal's Guards.


Reviews & Comments

Runner up in the SolitaryConfinement contest.

"Another game I tried was a runner-up in the competition: Cardinal's Guards. The designer had perhaps something do with my selection, as I have enjoyed Michael Schoessow's card game Pond. Cardinal's Guards was a rather interesting game. At first it seemed almost impossible, but in the end I managed to search every chamber and ended up with a score of 44/56. It was quite satisfying and if I'm in a need of solitary puzzling, Cardinal's Guards is a good choice." (./) (./) -- Mikko Saari at Gameblog

Rules Questions

Are castle guards removed in the same ways as perimeter guards -- if they stop a musketeer, they are defeated or taken into the supply? The variant rules "Escape From The Cardinal's Guards" ( says no, but the Print and Players review ( says yes.

ANSWER: No, castle guards are not removed in the same way as perimeter guards. Castle guards may only be defeated (removed) when one of the musteteers (pawns) travels through the secret castle tunnel. Quoting from the rules: "Because the guards have no knowledge of the secret tunnels, whenever a musketeer travels through a tunnel, he may remove any one castle guard (not a perimeter guard) currently on the board. These guards are not returned to the player’s supply, but are considered defeated, and are placed off to the side with the other defeated guards". When guards are defeated by stopping a musteteer's movement, this applies only to perimeter guards, not castle guards. -Stephen Schoessow

Does a musketeer on emerging from a tunnel continue in the direction he was moving when he enters it? (

ANSWER: Good question. No, a Mustketeer's direction of travel is lost when going through the subterranean tunnel. When emerging from the tunnel onto a corner tile, the musteteer may continue his movement in any of the 4 orthogonal directions. Mustketeers do not automatically stop after emerging from the tunnel. As stated in the rules "Musketeers move as “run-away rooks”. That is, they move orthogonally, and they keep moving until they come up against another musketeer or a guard". The musketeer may only stop on the corner tile if moving up against another musketeer or guard. -Stephen Schoessow


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