Players 2-2
Length 10-180 minutes
Equipment Required one standard piecepack and one deck of playing cards
Designer Traditional (Sir John Suckling), adapted by TrevorLDavis
Version 2.1
Version Date2022-07-28
License CC BY-SA 4.0


Cribbage is a popular two-person card game that usually requires a special cribbage board to keep score. Below is a way to turn a piecepack into an effective cribbage board.


Depending on the version of cribbage played a player usually wins if they score 61 points or 121 points (on a traditional cribbage board the latter effect is achieved by going twice around a 60 hole crib board).

Give each player 12 tiles and arrange them in one vertical column in groups of two as in the below figure. If you look at the “points” of this board and ignore the middle column of points then this gives you two columns each with 30 “points” arranged in groups of 5 as in a traditional cribbage board. Each player can place up to 12 coins in the middle column as a reminder to not use it. Give each player two pawns that they will use as ”pegs”. They will start off the board before entering the beginning of the board and a player wins when one peg goes off the end of the board. For a 121 point game the player must make a circuit of the board twice. Use piecepack dice as counters to keep track of how many games each player has won.

Cribbage board starting diagram



There are many cribbage rule sets some of which meet the definition of free culture. A link is provided to an old rule set in the public domain and a more recent rule set under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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