Players 2-4
Length 20-30 minutes
Equipment Required Piecepack, PiecepackMatchsticks expansion
Designer Dan Burkey
Version 0.7
Version Date 2019-08-22
License Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike? 4.0 International License


The floating city of Zeppelinopolis is tough to get around. The electromagnets that control its floating platforms can hold everything together, but the locals like their privacy so most of the time the platforms hover corner to corner. Trade is starting to suffer, and nobody is getting much exercise. What is a city planner to do? Several competing construction crews have a plan to change all that- to bring the city together while also giving the citizens their privacy. Each crew has brought a zeppelin load of prefabricated walls to the far corners of the city. Their remote controlled zeppelins can place the walls anywhere in town. The contractor who can prove that they can cross the city the fastest on foot and use their constructions to block out their competitors will undoubtedly win the bid and become the next Chief Aeronautic Civil Engineer. The race is on!


In-progress draft here: [1]

PDF version: [2]


Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike? 4.0 International License

Reviews and Comments

This draft is the result of several iterations and playtesting, but may need some tweaking. Please leave your feedback!

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