Here are the best practices for playing piecepack games via the wiki.

  1. Each game should have a host (for example TrevorLDavis) and should be recorded in a page of the host names plus PBW (for Play-by-web or Play-by-wiki) i.e. TrevorLDavisPBW.
  2. It is okay to self-host and link to (a modest number of) game photos, diagrams, VassalModule vlog files, and animations to aid in the playing of games but you shouldn't bug the admin to upload them to the wiki (unless perhaps they'll add great value to the relevant piecepack game wiki article such as starting board diagrams or an illustrative complete example game).
  3. Players should agree on the game notation or software used to play the games. Most people will probably choose to either use PortablePiecepackNotation in order to generate pretty images via piecepackr or the VassalModule in order to use a handy GUI but it is okay to use other game notations (and many games compatible with the piecepack have their own concise standard game notations).