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This is the community wiki for the Rainbow Deck card game system. The main objective for the wiki is to store the games that the Rainbow Deck can play, the rules of the games, as well as suggested card mapping. Other items may also come up in the future. We welcome anyone to contribute to this wiki.


The Rainbow Deck is a card game system that has a total of 162 cards. There are 12 suits with each suit having 13 ranks, and 6 Joker cards. The suits are represented by both colour and number. The ranks are from 0 to 9, J to K. The cards are also numbered from 0 to 119.

The deck can be adapted to play a variety of games, just like a deck of Poker cards. The difference is that the Rainbow Deck has 8 more suits and also numbers from 0 to 119, thus it is more suitable for playing abstract games that require numbers or colours. It can also be used by game designers as components in their own prototype games.

The deck can be complemented by 6 colours x 25 chips. This allows playing of card games that require chips. Also, the card backs have a 2x3 checkerboard pattern and can be used to form boards which, together with the chips, can be used to play a variety of abstract games.


29 Jun 2011

New original game: Rainbow Rummi!

17 Sep 2010

Here are the results of the first game design contest and their prizes.

11 June 2010

The first Rainbow Deck Game Design Contest has just been announced. It will run from today through 31 August 2010 (about three months). Good luck everyone!

Since the last news update, individual pages with instructions for playing the following games and game systems with the deck have been added:

Black Spy, The Bucket King, Chaos, Corsari, Cowabunga, Cripple Mr Onion, David and Goliath, Deck of Dice, Deuce, Empire Deck, Escalation, Fiasco, Five Crowns, Flinke Finger, Gang of Four, The Great Dalmuti, Hattrick, Das Kartenspiel, Kommando, The Last Card, Loot, Mit List und Tücke, Nicht die Bohne, Ohio, Olé, Paradox, Pepper, Pico, Pico 2, Play Nine, Poison, Poker Deck, Rage, Rat-a-Tat Cat, Relationship Tightrope, Robot Master, Rook Deck, Sextet Deck, Die Sieben Siegel, Six-Handed Bridge, Skip-Bo, Slamwich, Spades with Five Suits, Stardeck, Stardeck Games, Sticheln, Tarot Deck, ...und tschüss, Wheedle, Wizard, Zero

For more information, see Games.

Finally, work on other pages continues apace. Here are some of the new pages: Specification, StyleGuide, GameSources, GameTemplate.

13 May 2010

The wiki has been updated for the new version 1.16 of the Rainbow Deck. In addition, the Games page now lists 168 games that can be played with the Rainbow Deck, and individual pages with instructions for playing the following games and game systems with the deck have been added:

Chess, Coloretto, Crossword Lexicon, Dragon Master, Earthquake, Honeybears, Hornochsen, Ka-Ching, Karten Schach, Letter Head, Loco, Lost Cities, No Thanks, Phase 10, Pit, Quarto, Raj, Rummikub, Tile Chess, Turn the Tide, UNO.

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