This page is to record the PlayByWiki games hosted by TrevorLDavis. Let me know in the comments if you want to play a particular piecepack game with me using PortablePiecepackNotation. Depending on the game we could start playing right away or we may need to wait as I further develop the PortablePiecepackNotation parser (or in the case of certain games such as dexterity games we may never play it via PlayByWiki).

Open Alien City Game

Contents of alien_city.ppn:

Event: Someone want to play Alien City PlayByWiki?
    Name: Alien City
    Seed: 42

1. {Put your move here}
{ PPN Examples: 
   M@b10      Put a "Moons" (piecepack) coin (back) on b10
   △3G@a5     Put a 3-pip green icehouse pyramid on a5
   △1K@c3     Put a 1-pip black icehouse pyramid on c3

R code to visualize game:

g <- read_ppn("alien_city.ppn")[[1]]
plot_move(g, "alien_city.png", envir=game_systems("dejavu"))

Ron's 2019 10x10 challenge

This section is to record piecepack compatible games that are part of Ron's 2019 10x10 challenge that Trevor is also interested in playing namely AlienCity, Ultima, and Zendo (aka PiecepackCooking).

Move notation notes relevant for playing Ultima as a "Play-by-Wiki" game with the default Portable Piecepack Notation movetext parser (still a work in progress but should be okay for playing Ultima):

  1. Move piece on board: a4-b5 (i.e. move (top) piece from a4 to (top of) b5
  2. Remove piece from board: *a5 (can also be tacked on the end of moves c5-b4*b3*b2 i.e. move (top) piece from c5 to (top of) b4 and remove the (top) pieces from b3 and b2)
  3. "Capture by displacement" move: c5:d5 (this is equivalent to *d5 c5-d5 i.e. remove (top) piece from d5 and then move the (top) piece from c5 to (top of) d5)

Contents of rhe.ppn:

Event: Operation Ultima
  Name: Ultima
  Has subpack: True
Round: 1
White: Davis, Trevor L
WhiteTitle: null
Black: Hale-Evans, Ron
BlackTitle: GM
1. g2-g4 1... {Ron's move goes here}

Current state of game:

R code used to visualize this game:

cfg <- pp_cfg(list(border_lex=3, border_color="grey", 
trans <- function(df, ...) {
  df$suit <- ifelse(df$suit==4, 5, df$suit)
  df$suit <- ifelse(df$suit==2, 4, df$suit)
  df$suit <- ifelse(df$suit==5, 2, df$suit)
  df$angle <- ifelse(df$suit == 1 | df$suit == 4, 180+df$angle, df$angle)
envir <- list(piecepack=cfg, subpack=to_subpack(cfg))
game <- read_ppn("rhe.ppn")[[1]]
plot_move(game, "rhe_ultima1.png", envir=envir, trans=trans)