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< * Memory Feats: AlphabetFeats, CalendarFeat, PiMemorisation
< * KnightsTourMemory, PlayingCardFeats
< * Memory Systems: LinkSystem, MemoryPalace
< * PegSystem, NumberSystems, NumberRhymeSystem
< * NumberShapeSystem, MajorSystem, DominicSystem
< * SemCubed, MemoryChart, AlphabetSystems
< * PlayingCardSystems, BinaryNumbersSystem
< * SpacedRepetition, MemoryTraining
< * MemKata


> * Memory Feats: AlphabetFeats, CalendarFeat, PiMemorisation, KnightsTourMemory, PlayingCardFeats
> * Memory Systems: LinkSystem, MemoryPalace, PegSystem, NumberSystems, NumberRhymeSystem, NumberShapeSystem, MajorSystem, DominicSystem, SemCubed, MemoryChart, AlphabetSystems, PlayingCardSystems, BinaryNumbersSystem
> * SpacedRepetition, MemoryTraining, MemKata


< * SmartFood
< * SmartDrug
< * CoffeeForProductivity


> * SmartFood, SmartDrug, CoffeeForProductivity


> * TheNameMentat comes from Frank Herbert's "Dune" novels.


< * TheNameMentat comes from Frank Herbert's "Dune" novels.
< * HowToForget


> * HowToForget

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This wiki is a collaborative environment for exploring ways to become a better thinker. Topics that can be explored here include MemoryTechniques, MentalMath, CriticalThinking, BrainStorming, ShorthandSystems, NotebookSystems, and SmartDrugs. Other relevant topics are also welcome.

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Mindhacker: The support page for the 2011 book by RonHaleEvans and MartyHaleEvans.

MindPerformanceHacks: The support page for the 2006 book of the same name by RonHaleEvans.

Easily memorize complex information - MemoryTechnique

Do hard math in your head - MentalMath

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