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New Games

20 December 2016

Four more games have been added to the wiki in the past few days:

31 August 2016: Four more traditional game adaptions added to wiki

The traditional games Backgammon, Chaturaji (Chaturanga for four players), Cribbage, and Xiangqi (Chinese chess) now have piecepack adaptions on the wiki.

24 November 2010: One more game added to wiki

One more game has been added to the wiki: Starship Attack.

31 May 2010: One more game added to wiki

One more game has been added to the wiki: Pisi. This game is an adaptation of Isi to the piecepack system.

26 March 2010: Two more games added to wiki

Two more games have been added to the wiki: Senat and Pirates of Van Zandt. The Piecepack Wiki now has all of the games available on, plus over 50 others.

22 March 2010

The CategoryNonPiecepackDotOrg page has been added for games that appear on this wiki but not on the BigBoard at If you find more, please tag them; if you find some on that don't appear here, please add them to the wiki.

16 March 2010

Two more games have been added to the Piecepack Wiki: PiecepackSeabattle and ZombieInMyPiecepack. Share and Enjoy!

13 March 2010

I've added 10 new games to the Games page for your enjoyment.

The first seven games were entries in the GoodPortsmanship contest that neither I nor the games' authors have ever made public before:

I also added the following two games by Sean Anthony Brady. They were available from his blog, so some people may be familiar with them.

And the following game's rules were written directly on the wiki -- and the author, George Harnish, is looking for collaborators -- but it was never added to the Games page. Looks fun! I wonder what other gems are buried in the wiki...

I've also been playing with duplicating some of the functionality of the old Category pages with built-in Oddmuse features. For example, the MechanicSlidingTilesCategory page is an attempt to restore a broken page, and the CategoryPortedGame page is brand new. Anyone want to see more of these?

Finally, general cleanup goes on, and on...

--RonHaleEvans, 2010-03-13